Which is Better Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter for business?

Todays are the time of social media supremacy. When any small and big things happen. Each of social media application wants to use the best of the behind the scenes. It is just like Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter. They have just created their features. That takes the work off your hands. You just need setback to watch and scroll. but the question is. Which is Better Snapchat, Instagram, or Twitter for business? 

But how do social media applications do for their best? There are three major social media platforms instagram, snapchat, and Twitter. We put facebook aside and make this comparison—Instagram is known for his spotlights, snapchat known for his life stories.

And Twitter is known for his moments. Let us compare them and find out there is strength opportunities and drawbacks. Which one is more compatible with our business.and which one is more suitable in the competition of Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter.

How snapchat is useful for our business?

Snapchat is not so popular in India. but It has excellent potential just like Facebook and Instagram to hit the Indian market. More than 30% of his snap chatters are from the US. Snapchat can play a significant role in our business, especially if we have such companies that attract young people such as fashion, technology, and education.

There are some strategies which are must be followed for business marketing on snapchat.

Complementary color schemes:-

Snapchat provides a feature of the color gradient to Doodle on your photos. We can use different shades of color to black and white also.

Customize color and text:-

You can customize your text size and color. Snapchat allows you to pinch smaller, expand bigger, and Similarly even rotate to make it funnier.

Make uses of combined snap filters:-

Snapchat having the features of a go-to range of filters and also geofilters. When we take a photo In addition we can filter by swapping left or right.

Make a video with close UPS:-

We can even zoom the video well chatting through a video chat by doing this we can return overview interest for on a particular point. We can use it either the front-facing camera or rear camera.

Add soundtracks to your snaps:-

We Can soundtrack to our breezes especially, if we have a big brand it is a visible it is available to take a license for music for advertising for your product.

Used 3D stickers and your videos:-

We can use 3D stickers in our video and make emoji.

Snapchat has been a difficult platform to market a brand. Its unique features of our user to make a voice call and send audio and video messages. It is ensuring that to stay on their app instead of other application. We can say that it is a combination of whatsapp and google hangout.

The main reason our business should be on Snapchat is its cheaper advertisement and its massive engagement of data. Snapchat reaches more than eight billions of videos every day.

So the first comparison between Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter are obvious on useful basis.

How is instagram useful for our business?

Instagram is a social media platform and is one of its kind. We can share an instant photo and mainly access to our mobile devices. We can share any type of content such as pictures audio and video either publicly aur privately with the help of this application. From a business point of view, business profiles are created for our Company’s branding and enhance our business. instagram is used to build the visual identity of our business.

Study shows an average of more than 70% of the world’s top brand active on Instagram.

There are some strategies which are must be followed for business marketing.

#Focus on qualities of your brand – Our follower can contact us through our Instagram profile and, We can access instagram insights to see the statistics on our Post. We should focus on promoting the qualities of our brand. The profile should be customer friendly and easy to access.

#Tell the story of your brand – We should also tell the story with the help of pictures of our brand. The brand uses Instagram stories to capture behind the scene and can take the account we are collaborating with. This is also for engaging our customers with audiences.

#Run Some competition and contest – Contest and giveaway can be one of the easiest and fastest ways of gaining more audiences. It is increasing engagement on our Instagram post, which is the best way to build trust in our brand.

#Participation of influencer – Information is the vital part of instagram marketing strategy. It helps in promoting our brand and increase sales for the new audiences and also help for awareness and visual identity within the untouched market of Instagram.

#Take an Instagram ad campaign – To get more audience and followers, we should move for an Instagram ad campaign. It is a type of creating our audience base with a paid ad campaign. But it doesn’t mean we should not follow the organic way of instagram strategy.

How is twitter useful for our business?

Twitter is a microblogging platform. Where we can share our Post in the form of tweets. Twitter platforms help our business to market our products and services. There are 300 million audiences. Twitter is the second largest social media platform and having more popularity compared to other platforms.

Twitter providers three types of advertising options, such as promoted tweets, promoted accounts, and supported Trend. Although it involves a slow growth but trending social media marketing strategy in 2020.


There are some points of twitter which must be followed as a strategy of business marketing.

Optimize Twitter bio

Add a picture, Use up to 160 characters for description, and explain about your brand. Explain Why people follow you, announce your mission, and finally add a link to your website.

Use image, gifs, and video

Mix a catchy way with your thoughts. It should be in the form of exciting stuff like audio, video, image, quote, and motivational one-liner. Make it an appealing thing to share.

Tweet regularly

On Twitter, There is almost nothing shelter than an inactive profile. Tweet atleast once a day and goes up to five to six tweets daily. Make a plan for the weekend on Twitter.

Follow Trends and hashtags

Always follow the most trending hashtag of the day. Make it a habit and follow back for your brand. We should follow the most engaging trends and folks.

Must use Twitter Analytics

We should use the twitter Analytics to know the current position of our profile and advertisement on Twitter. It states that to whom we share Post, and to whom we should follow.

Keep it short

As a Twitter marketing strategy, get a short URL with the help of bitly.com. Use the short keyboard and within a hundred characters of your tweet. By doing this, we will get 15 to 20% more engagement.

Difference between Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter..

Based on stories shareability.


Stories option is much easier to access in the instagram application. This option is the first thing we will notice on the screen instagram stories. It is having plenty of features like a sticker, filters, location tags, drawing tools, and others. This provides us with a super interactive experience, and flowers bring and extra excitement of every Post.


Stories are the past of Snapchat application. This application is having the overall accessibility of the story feature. The stories part are basically through camera recording with a lot of different kind of stickers.  We have to swap them down which type of viewing them. The accessibility of stories and is to use better from the side of Instagram.


Twitter is a unique application. Their uses to ability to create groups. Twitter users that we follow can reduce the noise on the screen. The Twitter feed we can save our ideas in the form of image, text, audio, and video in a very sophisticated way. Twitter encourage businesses to innovate and show critical news to their user.

Based on Look and design of Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter.


Instagram is the visual layout of stories. We can see everything at the top of the application, an excellent user-friendly and organized user interface. Instagram is a platform where people edit their photos and show their products and services for awareness of the brand. It is a place where businesses and brands have competition among themself.


Snapchat is not very visual or story, making an application. When we open this application, it instantly opens up the camera app. It is a creative way and useful for those Who poetically love Post. After using sometimes, we have got an experience that there is lacking something to make it a full proper social media platform, rather than an excellent camera application.


User interface of Twitter is very Informatical and easy to use. We can use tooltip for the effective graphical user interface. It’s designed to have the board functionality for blocking reporting abuse. Twitter provides an encrypt photo update and a multi-photo display. Engaging and visually very appealing social media platform.

Based on Features of Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter.


Instagram is having features like messaging privately. You can also share your profile or Similarly broadcast to multiple social media platforms. We can share stories with photo filters. Looking good innovative photos is very important, especially on social media. Instagram is the clear winner to enhance this facility among its audience. We can even wholly recreation of our images, photos, and videos also.


When we are talking about Snapchat. There is no such pictures of messaging, a platform of news and information. You can just use their camera and a lot of other emojis, photos, and images through it. It’s very awkward, but Snapchat are not so popular in the Indian market. Where people want everything in one application. But recently, the users of snapchat increases more than 130%.


Twitter has a live go button for a periscope. It is having the feature of the uncropped image and native search. It has it’s the precise definition of abusing behavior in terms and condition. The best part of this platform we can promote our product and services with just a small tweet.

Based on Easy to use


Posting any type of image photo audio video album is a piece of cake on Instagram. But from a business point of view, We should understand how we can build up our brand on it. Instagram is such a dynamic social media application, which allows us to stay in touch even with our locality.


On the other hand, snapchat is not easy to use, especially not for a new user. If you want to follow any of your audiences, you still need to navigate across multiple screens to make it so. And after all, it is quite difficult to follow someone on Snapchat.


Twitter is straightforward to map for getting a result-oriented strategy of business marketing. we can simply optimize Twitter bio, tweet regularly, follow Trend, and use Twitter Analytics to enhance our brand and Company.


Based on Number of users


Instagram has more than 500 million daily users. Any post can be senton other social media applications such as Facebook Twitter and tumbler. Instagram is the second-largest social media platform and fashionable, especially among the young, due to its feature and user interface.


There is more than 200 million daily uses of Snapchat, which is quite a good number. But more than 30% of there user are from the United States. Its one feature that being a cute dog while talking on video camera is one of its USP in the recent past.


Twitter has more than 300 million user monthly. Daily, twitter has more than 100 million active users. A study shows an image resulted in more than 18% CTR and 50% more retweet on Twitter. Twitter handles the most significant potential as it is slow but steady.

Final verdict

From the viewpoint of the business marketing strategy of Snapchat vs Instagram vs Twitter. All three social media platforms are the need of the time. We rank them, but currently, Facebook is the leader, In conclusion, These three are also very much needed for our business and branding. Where twitter users are more likely to be college graduates and affluent and Live in cities, Nowadays trending of twitter in our villages also.

On the other hand, instagram user tends to be young. More than 1 billion users online on Instagram monthly. Snapchat is also a very engaging social media platform, and recently it increases its follower more than  130%. For any kind of business need, we need all these three social media platforms and use them efficiently.

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