Top 10 Digital marketing trends for 2020

We know that 2020 is not suitable for the world Economic because of COVID-19. But digitally, we are progressing and looking forward to upcoming digital marketing Trends in 2020.


It is the time of highly technological changes that are not easy to compete with its especially data management and artificial intelligence(AI). The introduction of 5G is already in the pipeline. People can share their data on a GB basis so fastly with a click of a button.


We can’t ignore digital marketing because Newly startups and small, mid business entrepreneurs can’t run without the internet, and most of the brand has to generate ROI. Most of our needs, such as Food, clothing, education, fashion, gadgets, and others, are fulfilled digitally.


A high Competition is always a part of digital marketing, and those who want to get more profit out of it should be well prepared with the latest digital marketing trends.


What is Digital Marketing?

digital-marketing, Digital marketing trends

We simply say that Digital marketing is the killer of traditional advertising as it is the online platform for advertising and brand awareness for their goods and services through a digital medium of internet.


It replaces traditional mouth advertising for SMS, Big banner holding for Electronic dynamic billboards, and public gathering meetings for the social media platform.


Never the less SEO, SMM, CRM, Graphic designing, Web designing, and others can conduct the customer in a more productive way compare to old traditional advertising. It provides multiple options to their customer and offers more opportunities for growth in any business.


For the last couple of years, Digital Marketing is like a rising star, and More than 65% of the cost is less per lead compare to traditional.


There are specific parameters to connect with our customers over the internet, such as Blogging, Mobile Marketing, Web designing, infographics, and others. This whole concept is known as digital marketing.


Internet evolution started in 1969, but after the introduction of the social media platform for the last 8-10 years, It changes the scenario of digital marketing. It brings our business closer to our customers, and they can also share their experiences about goods and services as it helps to improve the brand and businesses.


Digital marketing trends


In 2020, Digital marketing trends focused on the latest technology and updation of previous year trends.


#Contents with visualization.

The year 2020 is the era of content marketing with more visualization. A simple text and lengthy paragraphs are fewer trendings compare to visual contents. Eye-catching infographics and graphical charts with some short stories and information could be in trend.


Video content is the most effective way to convey information to our audiences. All social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo are trending. 


So, create a YouTube channel, Page, live video streaming to educate or provide information to your audiences about brand and services.

Contents with visualization

The new technology of visualization, Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality(AR) are also getting popularity in 2020.


People eager to know the updation of their favorite brand and every other news related to his interest through visualization. Thus more trending of Video Marketing SEO, Virtual Content Marketing, and Personalized advertising video in 2020.


#Artificial Intelligence.


Artificial intelligence is one of the most significant commercial opportunities for all small, mid, and large scale companies and industries for the next few decades.


AI makes machines, gadgets, and software to record human intelligence and provides results according to our behavior and thinking. So it acts like a decision making machine rather than a programming software.


It can change the whole scenario of the world’s economy, and a study shows it will provide an additional contribution of $16 trillion to the world economy. 

Artificial Intelligence

Just like a Facebook messenger. which communicates with our customers and keeps them up to date with the latest information, offers, and events. We can set up most of the answers to the frequently asked question in a scenario for lead generation and retaining customers.


A realtime reply can increase our conversion rate more than twice. That’s the power of Artificial intelligence.


#Influencer Marketing


Those YouTubers, bloggers, and social media personalities who are confident people and having a worth of his word on digital platforms are influencer marketers.

Nowadays, influencer marketing is one of the highly growing trends in recent years. Most of the influencers are from social media platforms such as youtube, Instagram, and Twitter.


Some big brands are introducing or launching their product with these self-made influencers as a partnership to collaborate. Provide a handsome amount for branding and marketing.


In the year 2020, influencer marketing will be one of the highest turntables because it is more authentic and realistic compare to corporate marketing. With the help of AI, we will find the right type of influencers and best social media platform which will most suitable for our business and increase ROI.

Influencer Marketing, Digital marketing trends

Return on Investment helps to decide the right kind of strategies and which influencer suits our business needs.


Watch any content of a famous YouTuber about some particular product, and you will find yourself more attached to product compare to TV commercial ads. The same for Instagrammers and twitter.


If by any means, we keep our audience maintain and provide unique content through videos. This way, customers will self-motivated to share the video and make it viral. This is what the whole process work of influencer marketing.



#Persolized Marketing


Branding awareness, making a good reputation, and giving quality of goods & services among the customers. It provides repeated business and recommendations to other customers also. It is possible due to personalized marketing.


More than 56% of customers recognize the brand with their name, and 58% of customers recommend options based on past purchases experiences.


Recognization, Remembrance, and Relevant offer are the pillar of the self-marketing of the brand.


Self-marketing or personalized marketing is the game of keyword or keyphrases and their relevant Search.

Persolized Marketing, Digital marketing trends

It can be done through paid advertisements and organic listings. Personalized marketing is the digital marketing trend in 2020 based on the behavior of your audience and offering services and product based on their past purchase history.


An AI will help to understand the customer’s preferences and buying behavior after following their recent purchases.


It will automatically shows relevant products and offers to the customer and save time.

The same technology works with email marketing. A personalized email marketing can increase more than a 29% conversion rate. And the whole process of personalization can improve and boost revenue by more than seven times compared to traditional marketing.


The best way for any kind of business to introduce its brand is by implementing an introductory welcome mail.


#Voice Search Technology


We are fully aware of “ALEXA.” An order following speaker and same technology in our smartphone. It will come into a trend in a big way.


A voice search technology provides users to search on the internet by using their voice rather than using keyboard typing. Just like Alexa, Google Home, Cortana, and others.


Nowadays, more than 28% of searches are using voice search technology. It is fast and accurate and more important than ever. It allows the user to do multitasking and saves time also.


More website users introduce this kind of voice search technology. It’s like a secret weapon of SEO.

Voice Search Technology, Digital marketing trends

We can easily use a long tail keyword for voice search and make it able to optimize our content more conversationally for targeting our customers effectively.


In upcoming years voice search technology will be in trends, and for this, New gadgets are going to be introduced.


#Short-lived content Marketing 


Short-lived content are those short pictures, videos, GIFs file, and text. which are seen while scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other social media platform.


These are short but attractive and will continue to increase popularity in 2020.


A short-lived Content provides a positive impact on customers and works as a reminder of a call to action. In upcoming years a Story format is likely more popular compare to news feed layout.

Short-lived content Marketing

An infographic is 30 times more likely to help you get views than articles and blog; thus, a short-lived picture gets more attention and get better results in ROI.


A temporary or ephemeral content can include insights into branding, promotions, company-new pieces of information, videos, and influencer marketing via events.


All small, medium and large companies can easily apply these trends for their growth in business. 


#Messenger and Chatbox Marketing

Business engagement with the customer through a chatbox or messenger is primarily in trend, and it will continue until the next decade.


Customers are more likely to retain if a proper way of communication done by the company. And this is also beneficial for research to know customer choice and preferences. This trend is already in full swing by some big brands by using the social media platform.


Lots of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp using this feature very effectively. As it allows businesses to place their offers and information directly in private messages to the clients.


Messenger and chatbox marketing has vast potential. Facebook messenger has 80% of its click-through rate. What’s app create business groups for this and other options also available for messaging.

Messenger and Chatbox Marketing, Digital marketing trends

An automated chatbox is introduced with AI-powered because it is not possible to chat with every single customer.


An AI-enabled chatbox allows error-free, instant answers, offers, update customer, and providing a solution by pre-installed FAQ in their program. An AI also answer on customer behavior and their past choices of product and services.


A study shows more than 80% of businesses aim to implement chatbox marketing by 2020.


#User Generated Contents


User-generated contents or UGC are those contents which are created by users and customer itself to promote the businesses. Those contributors are the fans who tell and convince other customers to buy and get service.


No doubt, this could only be possible when a company offers exceptional service and products to customers. These contents also are useful to get ideas on customer viewpoints.


If a satisfied customer got an opportunity to contribute their ideas to promoting any product. then it will be work as a self-made marketing plan without any spending of money.


Some companies run campaigns for customers and invite them to participate in user-generated content. A UGC personalizes products in such a way businesses can’t with their big-budget commercials.

User Generated Contents

Just like “Share the experience of your 1st I Phone” campaign allows iPhone user to share their content, and hence company got a self-generated marketing campaign and promotion.


The time of mouth advertising era is gone. Everybody is digitally educated and express their viewpoint on the internet. Thus promotion of brand and product by unpaid fans in the form of images, videos, memes are one of the most trending technology in digital marketing trends 2020.


#Visual Search

Visual Search is a process to find the result by uploading an image to the search engine. Google lens and Pinterest allow users to get results related to their images.


Sometimes we cant describe any particular things with words. We just simply put an image to the search engine to find a similar image match.


Smartphones and some social media platforms allow visual Search to their users. For the last couple of years, an increase in visual Search indicates that it will be in the digital marketing trend 2020.

Visual Search

Digital marketers should focus on optimizer visual Search because most of the visual Searches are from the fashion industry, Decoration, Art, Food, Beauty, Travel, and Outfits.


Different visual search engines allow some distinct features to their user. Like google lens recognizes objects and landmarks through a camera and bing identify specific elements within the image, and Pinterest provides similar results to their users.


# Infographics


For the last couple of years, creative infographics and PPTs are gaining popularity compared to simple text. An image can say a thousand words.


In 2020 infographics will dominate the market, and most of the social media platforms optimize according to them.


An eye-catching iconographical data with elegant color combination and having the ability to attract the audience and decrease the bounce rate from the website.

Infographics, Digital marketing trends

Written info with visual elements presenting the information in a way that the audience has no choice left to share the contents. More than 95% of contents are viewed with their visual effect than text-only materials.


It drives more traffic and engagement with audiences and more compellingly for digital marketers.



Why is there a change in digital marketing trends 2019 and digital marketing trends 2020?


Introduction of some new technology and the number of usages increase in 2020. More filtered technology such as Artificial intelligence, Voice search, and Visual Search can make a positive impact in digital market industries. After the introduction of 5G technology, it may be possible some trends will be outdated.


Social media application-optimized their software according to AI technology. Most of the website introduces podcasting advertisement also.


More newly startups and small & mid-sized businesses move from traditional marketing to digital marketing because of their cost-effectiveness in markets.


No doubt in the year 2020, we face an International emergency because of COVID-19. but after getting rid of this pandemic, we move fastly in the second half of the year.



How to choose digital marketing trends according to our business?


Digital marketing trends 2020 may vary for B2B marketing needs because their customers are different, and interaction with the client are different. And similarly, the B2C marketing trend could be different.


For B2B marketing strategies in 2020, some common factors must keep in mind.


Content Marketing Trends: More than 90% of B2B marketers used content as their king for lead generator, and it is true. It will continue in the year 2020, and useful content will act like a king. 


Social Media Marketing Trends: Social media platforms provide more than 50% of businesses, especially from Facebook, So it will also trend in tear2020.


Email Marketing Trends: More than 52% of B2B marketers claim that email marketing is the most effective way for lead generation, and it will continue trending for the next decade also.


Mobile Marketing trends: This is the lifeline of small businesses and new startups. Marketers claim that 80% of their business are from mobile marketing strategies by providing quick offers and deals.


For B2C marketing strategies in 2020, some common factors must keep in mind.


Personalized Marketing trends: To regularly touch with customers through mail, mobile phone, and social media is the right practice to retain the client and the most trending marketing strategies in 2020.


Visual and engaging Contents: For the final customer point of view, visualization and pleasant content are mandatory. This trend will be improved in the future with 3D technology.


Influencer marketing trends: For recent years, a new media has been developed, and that is called social media. Instagram, Youtube is the best platform for influencer marketing in 2020.


Social media interaction: A consistency is required on social media for grabbing the customer for your business. Thus for B2C social media strategies will be the hottest trend in 2020. 


Final verdict

This year we face an international pandemic of COVID-19. Still, after getting a permanent solution from it, the digital industry will boom, and as the technology changes, year by year and more companies apply digital marketing for their business.

The trend continuously changes in the year 2020. The last year 2019 content was the king, and this year Visual Content is the king. The introduction and popularity of Artificial intelligence have been an increase.


So we should plan our business strategies according to them. New gadgets like voice speakers and AR technology has been in huge demand. We should optimize our website according to future needs.


If you like this article and find yourself more confident to face challenges for your business and to gain some knowledge after reading. please comment below and share your valuable ideas.

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