Strategies For Social Media branding in 2020

It is always stressful when we think about the strategies of social media. There are lots of do’s and don’ts which have to follow for the planning of a perfect approach to social media. Today social media is a huge part of businesses, bloggers, and branding.

If you are an owner of the company, blogger, and entrepreneur, then social media probably play the most significant role in your everyday life. A good strategy of social media helps you take your business or blog to the next level.

But the question arises in our mind that, Is there a lot of work to build your social media profile. Or Will it work.? There is only one answer to that question is once we get momentum and got some success.

It is started working for us and worked as our sales executive without any payment or salary. So, we have to set the time table with the help of some social media tools to get the most out of it.

Social media is one of the crucial to success. Many companies of digital marketing of all kinds and sizes are not using it properly to its full potential.

Although the number of followers and likes and are still significant, and these are the creditability of a brand. They is distinguished by far more than just this.

Today social media require a unique set of skills, but our brand needs to understand the needs of our audience fully. These following tips would help to grow business and branding, Whether we are a young entrepreneur or Mature brand.

Here are the 10 useful tips for creating a successful social media branding strategy.

#1. Using the chatbots


By using the chatbots is useful to communicate. It is one of the digital tools, which resolved the problem of our customers without the potential need for any human interaction. It also integrates with the platform that consumers feel most comfortable interacting through social media.

An AI-powered chatbot made our social media strategy easy. This type of chatbot allows us to answer customer questions. It doesn’t require coding knowledge, integrates with all the major payment systems, and finally can take orders directly from messenger and comments.

#2.Personalization For customer

personalise for customer

Chatting is not only for automatic complete everyday tasks. But if implemented it correctly, our chatbot will allow us to create more personalized experiences for or customer.

For personalization, We should stop linking our advertisement solely to our landing pages, and have to create ads that redirect our audiences to a messenger window with our chatbot. The advantage of it that it makes our customers experience more personal; it boosts our sales and creates a loyal fan base.

#3.Effective content marketing

effective content marketing, Strategies For Social Media

In the world of social media, Quality is the key, and content is the king. Content marketing has been a prominent form of marketing for a long time, and this is not changing soon. Companies are not providing quality content with the right Strategies For Social Media and schedule; they also not following the rule of the correct frequency of posts.

High-quality SEO content helps us bring in the right customer at the right time. Quality content can attract and organic audience. A good content marketing strategy must be implemented. Make sure we have created relevant Hashtag strategy along with our content.

#4.Create a community

Create a community, Strategies For Social Media

Followers and other matrix are significant. But these are not all for social media success. We need to show our audiences that we are humans. We must integrate personal thoughts, humor, emotions, stories into our post that an audience can relate to our brand. Social media is the platform of socializing things.

Everybody on the social media platform are not present to purchase anything. That’s why repetition of our post can kill the interest of our audience. We should make our communication interactive and engaging.

We should ask questions and gathering their opinions on some issues. Only useful information should be delivered to our product and services. And finally asking them to share like and comment.

#5.Diversification of content

Diversification of content

People respond more to a high-quality image or infographic content rather than a simple text—diversification of material such as high-quality images, quotes, fun videos, memes, and entertaining podcasts. If v share only one kind of content, then our social media pages will look bland. This is also a great way to add a level of personality to our brand and increase awareness.

#6.Use band advocate

Use band advocate

The best promotional tool of social media branding is the people who love your brand. Instead of focusing all your effort on finding new customers, we should focus on our existing clients.

Our existing customers could be used or work as a sales executive, and as a brand advocate. For this, we should create social media guidelines specific to our brand. We should tell our advocates about social media best practices. Make a list for each section of your social media and finally track the correct data for improvement and those that are doing well.

#7.Create a profile on the relevant channel

Create a profile on the relevant channel, Strategies For Social Media

In the world of social media, People create so many profiles on different types of platforms with the aim off reaching as many people as possible. But this is a bad practice. Because all social media channels are having a different kind of promotional tools, for example, if we have a shoe brand, it won’t necessarily need a linkedIn profile. Our Promotion should be relevant to our brand.

#8.Ad campaign

Ad campaign, Strategies For Social Media

Social media platforms are one of the highest ads getters in 2020. It is essential to boost Our Post from the AD campaign—media platform with the aim of reach more number of clients. We should set a budget campaign.

Social media ad campaigns is one of the cost-effective ways for us to reach the chosen target audience. Social media should be used on a much more personal level. We will also find it is a place where we can make a deep connection with our customer.

#9.Run cross channel campaign

Run cross channel campaign

Engage your customers to run a cross channel campaign, across your media platforms. We should keep in mind that these campaigns are run by virtually. So we will need to give an edge to help you stand out from the crowd.

Add an emotional component for the social media campaign to show that our audience can relate. Efficient cross channel social media campaign will link back to a specific landing page, That will do your audience formation about your campaign. We should have a unique and memorable name coupled with a relevant hashtag.

#10. Tell a story and go live

Tell a story and go live

Our content should tell a story of our brand as a whole. Sometime we should share what is happening in your company in real-time. Just like launching a new product with the help of live video chatting.

Instagram has created its live-streaming features. Something that is not yet been used to its full potential. Live video chatting and life stories are the great way to show your audience that you are more than just a money-making machine.

In today’s world scenario, businesses are slowly becoming more preoccupied with customers on their social media platforms rather than their websites. If we follow the strategy, we will not only set ourselves to our complete with the well stay blessed brand But also idea plan that will work withstand that test of time.

Since the last 10 years, social media is one of the greatest and accessible sources of news and information. Therefore we have to make the Strategies For Social Media for every social media platform separately, Such as Facebook, instagram, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, Vimeo, tumblr, whatsApp, weChat so many more. They are having users in billions.

Here we discuss three major social media platforms such as Facebook instagram and Twitter, how to engage with these and boom our business and what are the trends in 2020.

How can we engage our audiences on Facebook?

audiences on Facebook, Strategies For Social Media

We know, Facebook is one of the best social media platforms for our business. There are a lot of ads running every time for PromotionPromotion and branding the company with the help of a Facebook ad campaign. We can promote our product according to demographics, gender, age, and other options. But these all are the pricy.

There are some tips and tricks to help with engagement without Facebook ad campaigning or in an organic way. Creating is Facebook page is straightforward, but there are a lot of things that must get done for branding.

1.Custom username & schedule posts

Create a custom user name because Facebook provides you a random vanity URL. It makes people a little bit difficult to recognize and access your page. With the help of a custom username, people can easily access our page or even message us by simple type our username.

Scheduling our posts enables us to publish content according to timing. Post timing is very crucial on Facebook. It also helps to edit posts when we are not active. It saves time and spread out our posts instead of just posting in one go.

2. Upload Video & Photos

Video contents are very engaging, and by doing it regularly, we are more likely to attract the attention of user compared to a simply written text. We should share videos directly on Facebook instead of providing a link to any video. Post with photos also performs better than a long paragraph of text. We should post images according to the Facebook standard image size and Quality. Avoid sharing blur or low-quality images and inappropriate images.

3. Live on Facebook

Go live on your Facebook business page once a week and spread some useful information with your follower’s friends and new audiences. We can inform important news and updates that your followers can easily connect with your brand. It is also an excellent way to share your views and provide offers and discounted sales.

4. Ask & reply comments

Ask and respond to question answers. We can attach a questionnaire with our post to get engagement from the followers. It increases awareness and helps our brand. We should ask our followers and audiences to share the content if they like And reply to all their comments if possible and necessary.

How can we engage our audiences on Instagram?

audiences on Instagram

Instagram is one of the popular social media platforms, which is highly popular among young people. Here we can share images, videos in a very engaging way. But if we talk about branding, It is always quality matters over the quantity.

On average instagram, users receive an engagement rate of 3% is not very high. But it’s perfect for branding. According to the logarithm of Instagram, It works best on quality basis images. If we have a reasonable engagement rate, it means our audiences see our content.

There are lots of techniques and tricks for engaging our customers and audiences on Instagram.

1  Hashtags

Instagram has hashtags that ensure the reach of our post or content to new audiences. We can use up to 30 hashtags per post. We can use all 30 hashtags, but it is advisable to use 15 to 20 hashtags max. When it comes to using hashtags, we should be very picky to increase our chances of showing up the top section of the hashtag. We should use those hashtags which are not popular.

Conceive our hashtag for your audience and engage with your content for your brand.

It should be relevant, explicit content, and your target audience.

If someone comments on your post, reply it with positive feedback but avoid the long conversations.

2 Image quality

Instagram is a visual platform that requires high-quality images. People always love real images with high pixelization. It helps to grow faster and receive more engagement.

To create high-quality images, we should use the following tips.

1. On an excellent brightness, use the natural lighting for your photo.

2. Grab a good camera with excellent features.

3. Use some useful camera applications such as lightroom,  snapseed, and color story.

4. Use the Instagram filter and third party application to enhance your images.

We should always keep in mind that instagram is a visual platform. We are more likely to work with our original content and images in the process of branding.

3. Make your own instagram story.

User of Instagram love stories and watching them more than they are scrolling news feed.

Instagram stories is to pull our audiences and build connections. We should also be going Live once in a week with our followers and audience. It is also a great way to connect with our followers. The allocation of the Instagram video works like that.

If someone engages with your Instagram story, they are more likely to see your post in their news feed, which means a high number of engagement and increase your reach.

Pinterest is one of the social media platforms for marketing and grabbing the traffic with the help of images we can use it vice versa with Instagram.

4. Remove spam

If we want our engagement rate to go up. We have to remove those followers of the past that brought you spam. Sometimes it’s inevitable that we can’t escape the bots that are out there on Instagram. We Used to just blocks spammy accounts or easily remove them from our follower list. It helps our engagement rate to increase and ensure spammy accounts are not following us.

How can we engage our audiences on Twitter?

audiences on Twitter, Strategies For Social Media

Twitter is one of the engaging social media platforms. It drives people crazy, and a lot of people love to retweet regularly. How to get the best utilization possible from this platform to grow our brand.

Twitter is one of the favorite social media platforms amongst businessmen students, entrepreneurs, sportspersons, Politicals, and celebrities, and many more, it has more than 400 million uses around the world.

To increasing our twitter engagement, there are some do’s and don’ts which have to follow for our brand.

1. Follow the people

Following is the most and essential step off engaging our brand in 400 million crowds. So follow the people inspire and the spark of your interest. Spend some time on research and find the right and suitable candidate which you want to follow or which relates to your brand. For example: if you have a clothing brand, we should follow a famous fashion designer.

2. Relatable comment and contents

We can’t talk about unrelatable things on Twitter. If our comment content are relatable, we will get the engagement, and for it, We can share the motivational ideas such as quotes, one-liner, witty thought, and positivity. We can also share memes and funny pictures but in a relatable way.

We should not spread any type of negativity on Twitter. It not only decreases our followers but having the adverse impact on our brand. From the viewpoint of social media platforms, Twitter is the most trending in 2020.

3. Do not share the link only and overboard with hashtags

Twitter is not just a platform for spreading the news, But It is the platform to express your views point of thinking through comments and contents. But some people only share their product and services links on Twitter. Believe me; it does not work at all. Although it will hurt our engagement and decrease the follower. Some personal involvement is necessary behind our twitter account. We should share our thoughts and also have the sense of chatting.

A hashtag can help on Twitter for our brand. But sometime we should avoid getting overboard with hashtags. We should not use every hashtag for Promotion. It also gives the wrong impact. Make a timetable and follow the related hashtag from your product and services.

4. Interact and host a twitter chat

Interaction with others twitters in our niche. Posting a Twitter chat is also a useful tool for engagement.

Final verdict

For the social media branding 2020, we must be consistent. Make it a habit to spend some time on social media for your brand regularly. But we should avoid spam. Share only relevant information with some entertaining and informative. If we deliver quality content, people will eventually like our page and ultimately gaining for our branding and company.

If you want this article and find anything helpful to you, then share and comment on your valuable ideas.

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