Social media marketing for business 2020

Social media marketing is the excellent option for awareness of brands and businesses. It is mandatory for an individual or company for the promotion of their goods and services. There are the colossal impact and benefits of social media marketing on any kind of business.

Social media marketing and affiliate marketing are the hottest topics nowadays.It requires in-depth market research and sound strategy to get an idea about the trends in the market.

According to a study, an online presence of any business increases the sales and useful for lead generation, especially for the small and medium type of business.

Nowadays, we can see an advertisement easily on a social media platform. It provides immense exposure for our company. Social media platform are now an essential part of every marketing planning. Usually, companies are using social media for awareness of their brand. It also develops our brand image.

If we follow consistency on the social media platform, we get easily recognizable by the viewer. So having the right presence ensure our brand awareness and easily recall by the audience.

We get only local traffic for our website if we do not implement social media platforms. But sharing post and images on social media to show up our goods and services and get traffic by our audience. We can share a single post or picture on different social media channels.

The keys of social media marketing is to ask questions, Be authentic, video marketing and last but not the least, do not afraid to spend money on social media marketing for business.

We analyze some of the most essential 11 steps of social media marketing for business for success in the long run.

How To do social media marketing for business in 11 easy steps.

One of the best parts of modern days is that information is getable on one click so let us find out those initial steps which have to be taken to start growing of our business.

#Identify the objective:

Before we start our marketing strategy on social media, we need to ask a question to our self and find out the main objective of our business. By investing power, energy and resources on social media is an act of a serious implementation. Our main objective should be

Brand awareness

Increase in sales

Generation of leads

Create a community

After finding our goals on social media, we have to work on strategy what to post and when to post on which social media platform.

{NOTE: Your fans see your post on Facebook,(3%-5%),Twitter(10%-16%), Instagram(15%-20%)}

#Identification of platform

We have to analyze how much time and resources we are going to spend on different social media platforms. We should also analyze our audience and their demographics. Many social media platform such as Facebook, youtube, snapchat, twitter, instagram, Pinterest and others are having their special features and different benefits. Every social media platform is having its uses and source of different category of audiences.

{NOTE: Users of Facebook(1.80 billion), Twitter(250 million),Instagram(400 million) }

#Profile and pages

These are the extension of our website. We are fully responsible for every content on our pages. Optimization of profiles and pages is necessary for our audience for easy access. We must follow some essential checklist of page optimization.

  • Optimize profile image and Avatar.
  • Provide complete information about the company.
  • Optimize for SEO
  • Share your content or image.
  • Post images according to social media platform.

{NOTE: Cover Image size should be facebook,(828*315px), Twitter(1500*500px), Instagram(1024*1024 px)}

#Increase followers

If some content or image is like and comment by any user, then it is more likely to like by other people also. That’s the reason why reviews, testimonials and influencer are essential for our business. Social media promotion by sweepstakes, Hashtagcontest on Instagram, Referral promotion, Photo contest, and another type of advertising. The more promotional activities provide a boost for our business.

{NOTE: Make a popup to your promotion’s page of “Like Prompt” button, Contests and Event organizer campainge}

#Get your brand voice

We should respond to people professionally. People won’t respond if our tone is casual or invasive. While using a professional tone, we should avoid jokes memes and also political contents. For a high-quality post, we should focus on related contents. and finally, if we are targeting young people, we should use a casual voice.

{NOTE: Make your tone of contents with passionate, Quirky and Authentic}

#Make a social content calendar

A social media planner are a structure strategically. The main idea of the calendar is to find out the holidays on which we should capitalize on it. Relevant content work as a magic for our business. Timing of posting a post on a social media platform are different. We should also categorize every platform on an audience basis.

{NOTE: Schedule on Friday night posting and 7 am-9:30 am and 4 pm- 8 pm everday}

#Marketing through influencer

Before working with an influencer, we should identify some of their ability.

Context: If we hire a singer for promotion of laptop brand it might be not very suitable for our business. So we have to find a suitable guy or influencer for our company.

Reach: The influencer person must have a network to increase our reach of the product. This network should be passionate and useful for our brand. A Crowd is not beneficial, but the impact of passionate people work well.

Accountable: Our influencer should be liable and responsible to share our content on the social media platform. We should avoid anti-Social elements as an influencer.

Before identifying influencer through social media, we can use the hashtag and various tools like buzzsumo and traackr. Guest posting and offering money is also helpful for getting the right influencer.

{NOTE: Search influencers by hashtag, twitter list, and youtube }

#Create good content

To ensure for a successful social media marketing plan, we should create excellent and compelling content in the form of text, images, infographics, story and exciting blogs. We can’t publish the same content again and again. Consistency and fresh content is work as the blood of the body for the social media platform.

{NOTE: Create contents based on interest, pain points, and accomplish the goal with infographics}

#Posting the content

The timing of posting the content is matters. Post the material, not on the availability of our schedule. But we should plan the time table according to the audience. Usually, a weekend is perfect for social media posting. Most of the people do their work from Monday to Thursday. So the best time to post after 5:00 pm we can follow posting chart for the best results.

Best practices of social media posting we should follow the following tips.

Target post according to location and interest.

Content should be 80% educational or informative and 20% promotional

Use images and quotes in every content.

Use testimonials and ask questions.

Activate the comment section.

Tag influencer uses and another brand

{NOTE: Use Facebook analytics and fan page karma to track your data and see when your audience is online}

#Use tool to automate.

An automation tool is helpful to schedule our social media marketing plan on different platforms in advance. With the help of these automatic tools, we can save our precious time and energy.

Social media management tools offer to manage calendars, analytics, keyword targeted content, image and gif creators, alarm and posting.

Some of the social media management tools are



post planner

Zoho and many others.

{NOTE: at initial level use free tools, and basic version for a practise then to move for premium}

Business Strategies on Facebook.

  1. Increase your fan following: Your post and content should be able to attract targeted fans only. Boosting posts with some payment option is very useful in the short and long run also. We should communicate with our followers in their understandable languages.
  2. Consistency of engagement: A positive and rewardable campaign is the hottest trend in Facebook marketing strategies in 2020. Our text comment should be short and to the point. Tagging friends and brands ensure the reach of your post.
  3. Facebook ads campaign: Before ads, we should identify our goal such as traffic, lead generation or sale. Target those people who know about your brand and company. Before the ads campaign, we should boost our post.
  4. Live video & visual content: Live video is helpful to cover an event, and it can broadcast from any device. No editing and uploading required for it. Visual contents like short video and images are more likely to increase our popularity. Viral memes or infographic work as a sales executive for our brand.
  5. Monetization: For monetization, Get a targeted fan base and integrated email marketing. Review and analytics is necessary for it. Analyze our top post and their reach and also identify the most viewed sections.

Business Strategies on Instagram.

  1. Make a solid profile: Our profile is our brand identity; therefore use the company name for SEO. Include URL and keywords in bio. Describe your whole business and keep updated on a regular interval.
  2. Photo quality: On instagram use filters and photo editing tools to crop and beautify images. Use only 612*612 px for product images. We should share motivational and happy customer images also.
  3. Use of hashtags: Always use hashtags as a brand strategy. It ensures the reach of the brand. Use hashtag for events in alphanumeric characters. We should be specific and relevant while hashtagging.
  4. Use integrated options: While posting on instagram, we should also follow other profiles such as blogs, FB, twitter. Add an IG name to marketing material and link to other contents.
  5. Use video & innovation: On instagram video length should not exceed more than 15 seconds. We should use different apps to trim the video and apply filters. Other change such as starting a poll using #hashtags for opinions, hold contests and challenges and share motivational quotes for engagement.

Business Strategies on Twitter

  1. Make intresting profile: While working on business strategies on twitter, we should create a custom background and all detailed in bio. Use SEO keywords and link to your website or blog. Provide as many details as possible of the brand in background.
  2. Consistency: Consistency is the key to twitter. We can use tools to organize tweets and followers. Follow tweets by hashtag and monitor our brand tweets. Scheduling and follow tweet chats for the future with the help of apps.
  3. Use integral option: Use all fundamental option such as adding buttons to blogs and Facebook tabs. Display the Twitter logo on invoices and another branding. Include buttons in email marketing and ask people to follow. Interact it regularly on all devices.
  4. Use of #hashtag& chat: Use hashtags to designate topic, events, products and services. Identify trends and offer a contest with the hashtag. Always participate in industry chats and do market research for the latest trend and products.
  5. Retweets and research: While retweeting, we should keep it a short and simple message. Use links for retweeting and thanks to people for their retweets. Always ask for follower feedback and make a list of evangelists & detractors.

Do’s and Don’t of Social Media For Business.

We must follow some do’s while operating social media marketing for business.

  • Must have a strategy or plan before start working on social platforms.
  • Create goals which are measurable and achievable within your limit.
  • Consistency is the key to a social media platform.
  • Provide excellent and informative content that our network will share.
  • Be engaging and build a strong network.
  • Be a good listener and a good social citizen.

We should avoid some don’t while operating social media marketing for business.

  1. We should not build your network in quick time
  2. Not rely on one application or tool for posting.
  3. Do not be pushy and over-aggressive while writing a comment and post.
  4. D’nt use generic marketing techniques.
  5. Do not forget to thanks people for retweeting and engagements.
  6. Avoid spam social sites.

Final verdict

No matters what social media platform we are on. Just remember we act as a good citizen of our country and provide useful contents to society. Be social and talk freely to your fans and followers. Remember, people always know what you are writing and commenting. Invest your energy in visualization because it engages more compare to simple text. For a successful social media marketing plan for the business, consistency is the key.

Always prepare yourself for updation and adaptability. If something is not working correctly, you have to analyze and take decisive action. Follow specific rules and regulation by social media networks.

If you like this article and find anything helpful to you, then share it and comment with your valuable ideas.

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