Digital Marketing Strategy Step by Step Guide

In today’s world, we are leaving digitally. Our all work and task are directly or indirectly related to the digital world. The smallest part of any business requires digital information to compete in the current scenario. Therefore the process of doing our business successfully, we need to create a digital marketing strategy.

Digital marketing strategy is an essential part of modern business terminology. A well planned digital marketing strategy will lead the whole planning procedure, and capable of generating profit and revenue compare to traditional marketing strategy.

It doesn’t matter that we are managing our business in any part of the world. We need to start creating a digital marketing strategy to ensure awareness of our brand and getting profit. Some mandatory steps are essential to creating the digital marketing strategy for 2020.

Digital marketing strategy includes all types of approaches such as social media strategies, Search engine optimization, Pay per click, Affiliate marketing, Customer relationship management, etc.

Before analyzing the steps, we should focus firstly on upcoming trends of Digital Marketing 2020.

5G Technology:

5g technology

The number of mobile user will continuously increase in the current year and upcoming years with the current technology of sharing the data, Artificial intelligence, and latest technology of 5G. While creating a digital marketing strategy, our plan must cover all the latest technologies and compatible with every device. Mobile, tabs, and desktop are mostly used nowadays but more focused on mobile.

 Video advertising:

Video advertising

In 2020, video and infographic advertising will continue to increase. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and almost all social media platform optimize their apps compatible with video advertising. A simple text information days are gone. On average, a typical person would spend more than 5 hours on YouTube and Facebook while watching videos daily. And it will be in Trend in the upcoming years.

Demographic advertisement:

Demographic advertisement

When we think about traditional marketing, It is vital for local marketing and best on location as it could great source to generate traffic. Local Searches will play an essential role in online and offline business.

Businesses should be streamlining their targeted audience to specific regions. Every digital marketing strategies and ensure to cultivate with the local presence on the internet. It increases our reach and also builds reliability locally.

Influencers marketing:

Influencers marketing

Making a relationship as a digital marketing strategy is one of the keys which will play a more prominent role. Making people satisfied with our goods and services that they share our content and work as our brand ambassador. It is like an investment in people for a long time. Influencers marketing on social media platforms or the internet helps to generate lead and making sales.

Mobile Application:

Mobile Application,Digital Marketing Strategy

The days of skype and Orkut are gone. Now it is the time of the mobile application era. Today we need every kind of service with the help of an app on our mobile. Therefore without a mobile application, our digital marketing strategy could not be finalized. We can see an application like whatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter are trending and drives vast profits by giving services to their customers. Nowadays mobile app is a worthwhile investment

Top Digital marketing strategy- Step by Step guide

While keeping in mind, these Five Points are the base of our digital marketing strategy of 2020. After setting up our business in the market, the first question is how we could get more customers and sales. How do we generate more leads and conversions? How to utilize our abundant resources and generate revenue.

All these questions are the base of our planning and making strategies. But while deciding digital marketing planning, we need a professional and tested formula. After doing a lot of research, we finalize those 10 steps which have to be taken for digital marketing strategies. But we need to follow in a sequence. Randomly apply some steps could not work efficiently for your business.

Goals and objectives:


Before creating a digital marketing strategy, we need to focus on setting up the right kind of goals and objectives. These are necessary to achieving our target of month wise and year wise. We have to follow the guidelines while setting up and aim for our company.

It should be more specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time-bound. We can say it a “SMART” goal.

Specific– Specific goals mean it is clear and well defined to anybody while working on it.

Measurable-Find out the way when and how we will achieve our goals and objective.

Achievable– Our goals and objective must be obtainable after the full utilization of given tools, techniques, and training.

Realistic– Objective are achieved by humans only. It must be practical, not a dreamy sequence.

Time-bound– Time-bound is helpful to achieve the goal. It works like an alarm in our minds and increases our performance effectively and efficiently.

Identification of our customers

Identification of our customers

Not everybody in the world is the customer of our business. We should filter them and target them accordingly for maximum results. Most of the companies make mistakes for the identification of their customers properly. If we provide any solution by our goods and services to anybody, it will help gain a customer.

We can Identify our customers based on their problems that we can solve.

While making digital marketing strategies and identifying our customers, we should know about our customers based on their business, gender, buying capacity, interest, and personal information.

We should consider and think about our and the choices in front of the customer, from where the customer decides to buy a product from television radio reading magazines aur scrolling on social media.

Identification of competitors

Identification of competitors

In the digital world, there are a lot of competition, and the winner is decided based on their useful services, reviews, testimonials, contents, SEO, and many other digital terminologies. If your audience approves your assistance and help to the customers, it will beat your competitors. The main rivalry is to get the position on the first page of search engines.

We should not be taking this lightly because identifying competitors is an essential step in defining the process of marketing strategy. We should analyze our direct competitors, indirect competitors, and substitute products and services in the market. Plan accordingly while having a picture that we provide better service then our competitor in the market.

There are many tools and applications by which we can analyze our competitor’s strategy and plan accordingly. Never the less we can think beyond their planning and beat in the digital market. Paid advertisements is also an option to beat competitors and generate leads for the short run. 

Assigning the role to our team

Assigning the role to our team

Always a team is working for Digital marketing. It is not the task of a single person. There are so many bunches of functions that require a professional organization. It involves many forms of online marketing assignments, such as.

Search Engine Optimization

Customer relationship management

Search engine marketing

Social media marketing

E-Commerce marketing

Content marketing

Advertising campaigning

Email marketing.

Digital marketing is not a one day task. It is the continuous process to ensure that work can be done more efficiently and result oriented. While in the long run, digital marketing strategy focus on.

Data and Analytics

Planning and structuring

Analytics is necessary because it tells our position in the market and what should be done and what should be ignored. Planning and structure is all about taking decisive action for digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Content marketing

Content marketing,Digital Marketing Strategy

In today’s digital world, content is like a king, and it rules while creating a digital marketing strategy. We should work aggressively while creating content in blogging, guest blogging, infographics, presentations, podcasting, ebooks, videos, and comments.

The more quality content we create more we get a chance for branding and promotion of our brand for the company. Content marketing is the crucial component of the success of big brands.

In the year 2020, this is the era of visual content rather than lengthy text. But for digital marketing strategy, we focus on traffic and visibility; therefore, content marketing is one of the vital steps in digital marketing.

Video contents, infographics, and data charts are the trendings as content in the digital world. Audiences widely like a youtube channel, video formatting, and editing and animations. Podcasting work as audio content, and it is very much famous in western countries.

Every social media platform is having its way of advertisement for content. Our job is to just flow with the current scenario and make the most out of it.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Social media marketing.

Social media marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy

Thinking about digital marketing strategy without social media could not be possible because more than 50% of the world are on social media platforms. Facebook alone having the users more than 1.7 billion. And 400 million users of twitter.

Social media marketing is one of the most excellent ways of trending to increase our visibility, brand recognization, and lead generation for our business. Social media marketing looks like a complicated thing, but after following some necessary steps, it worked as a sales executive for our company in the long run.

While marketing on social media, we should also determine the goals and choosing the right social media platform. Every social media platform is having its different features and group of audiences.

Facebook has the most significant number of users and is demographically very rich, but LinkedIn and instagram are having their other type of audience. We should plan separately for every social media platform.

Therefore social media marketing must be included as an essential step for digital marketing strategy in 2020.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Search Engine Optimization


Search Engine Optimization is not a one-day theory. It includes all the on-page and off-page activities of the website and application. A small mistake can affect the whole site; therefore, search engine marketing would be highly recommendable by professionals only as a digital marketing strategy.

It involves keyword research, paid search ads, pay per click, and paid advertisement. Search engine marketing allows our potential targeted customers who are looking for our service or similar service. It involves direct interaction of our website with the customer.

If We provide all the necessary information and contents on our website related to our service and product, then search engine marketing would help drag the customer directly.

Search Engine Marketing is Highly Effective and has long term advantages but costly. But we should consider it as a necessary step in digital marketing strategies.

Email marketing

Email marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy

If we have a large size of our business, we need to start using email marketing as a digital marketing strategy. Email marketing is also divided into several steps, such as.

Setting up the goals

Growing the Email list

Good content writing

Schedule for sending


Email marketing is the largest and cheapest way of doing digital marketing. It has more than 4 billion email users worldwide. If we follow email marketing according to the planning and implementation, we get desired results while spending only a little amount of money. Email marketing allows boost power rate and crucial business success.

There are some applications such as Mailchimp which work automatically and drive better result. It is also helpful to retain customers and build a personal bonding with the customer, which ultimately increases sales. Email marketing is one of the most tradable in the current and upcoming years. It must be included as a necessary step in the digital marketing strategy of 2020.

Mobile application

Mobile Application, Digital Marketing Strategy

According to a study, the number of mobile users and technology are used increasing every day in the year 2020. We are currently facing the problem of covid-19, but the user of mobile and application has been increased every day. The new technology of 5G and fiber optic network are coming.

We can buy or sell almost all product and services through mobile applications and using online payment gateway option like Paytm, 

Google pay, PayPal, and Bhim app. Mobile marketing is enormous, and this industry will continue as the primary critical digital marketing strategy. Technology like QR codes, Google Maps, and sensors demand a new and upcoming generation.

Currently, mobile app developers are forced to invest in cost on every installment advertising campaign to promote their mobile apps. It opens a permanent gateway to improve our product directly on the user’s mobile phone via the application.

A successful mobile app is much dependent on the strategy of application marketing we implement on it. It includes plans such as app discovery, increases organic install, improves user engagement, and easy user interface while developing a mobile application.

An application development process can be quite tedious and overwhelming. But it can be extremely beneficial if done in the right processor and manner. Thus it is the necessary step of digital marketing strategy.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing, Digital Marketing Strategy

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way for any business or individual to make money without actually creating our product and services. It is one of the crucial components of the marketing strategy. Affiliate marketing is something like promoting any product on our website and getting a commission or incentive from that company.

If we want to include Affiliate marketing as our digital marketing strategy, We need to focus on a necessary step that has to be taken, such as setting up the goals, building an affiliate program, measuring the outcome and investment, and energy.

Affiliate marketing provides several advantages for business owners. It could also reduce our overall marketing costs. It is also essential to understand that affiliate marketing success depends on our digital marketing planning.

Final verdict

Creating a digital marketing strategy is the mandatory decision and essential step, especially in the market’s current scenario. Modern era are the days of digitalization. It is not working if we apply two or three steps. The whole procedure is important for success in business. The main goal of the digital marketing strategy to achieve the desired result and generate revenue.

Also, we should have in-depth knowledge and information about all steps of digital marketing strategies.

These step by step guide of digital marketing are working effectively while operated by professionals. But beginners also start for their new startups and businesses.

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