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In today’s world of business scenarios, digital marketing is one of the essential requirements for any kind of business. Therefore it creates its market of digital marketing tools.

Today’s internet world is full of a paid and free digital marketing tool for small business, entrepreneurs, new startups, and individuals also. Let us find out top 10 free digital marketing tools for small business.

With the help of these digital marketing tools, We can take our business to the next level, without making so much effort. There are so many powerful and useful free tools only click away, but they require lots of personal information for their aggressive sales in the future.

Sometimes it works as spam. So before using any free tools on the internet, we have to research them and get reviews if possible.

Most of the free tools require a lot of information to collect the data, while some tools simply require essential information for security and future service. Tools for social media marketing and SEO purposes.

We have listed some of the best 10 free digital marketing tools for small business entrepreneurs. We have covered all aspects of Keyword selection, online strategy, content writing, infographics animators, and others.

These 10 free digital marketing tools for small business are tried and tested on different parameters, and ensure to protect your privacy without sacrificing quality. and never the less very easy to use and requires minimal technical skill and knowledge.

10 Free Digital Marketing Tool For Small business

#HUBspot CRM

hubspot-crm-automated-report, Free Digital marketing Tools

CRM or Customer relationship management is a software which helps us to manage our relationship with our client. It can track searchable data storage and provide information to the organization. The main task of CRM is to track customers and provide prospect data for conversion.

Many softwares companies provide CRM as a free digital marketing tools for small business, but HubSpot CRM is very much popular amongst the user having their unique features of…


Drag-and-drop communicator

Deal and task boards

Email connections

Tracking, Templates, and Scheduling

And most of all, these features are free to use. HubSpot CRM is having a straightforward interface and the perfect layout for use. We can also export and import our customer contacts data into the database. We can schedule sales and other tasks very easily.

Although some other CRM tool provides more advanced features, they charge for it the right amount of money.

#Email marketing-Mailchimp

mailchimp, Free Digital marketing Tools

In digital marketing, doing email is one of the mandatory kind of thing. It is the primary mean of doing communication. Every type of small or medium businesses makes it a habit of emailing. The main advantage of email marketing is that it has almost free of cost and provide one of the highest return on investment.

Email marketing is not very costly but effective. It is also helpful to build a personal bonding with customers through mailing. But mailing to every client one by one is quite a difficult task.

To overcome this problem, Mailchimp helps us to collect email addresses from customers and send mail automatically according to the schedule. It is a powerful, free tool, and also cost-effective.

The basic version of Mailchimp provides 2000 list subscribers and 12000 emails per month. It also includes.

Media storage



Drip campaigns

A/B testing

App integrations like Google Analytics

Social media.

All these are basic and free. But if we want to advance features, We have to purchase it’s the premium package. However, Mailchimp is one of the highest and popular email marketing tools among digital marketers.

#Social media marketing- Hootsuite

hootsuite, Free Digital marketing Tools

We can’t imagine the success of digital marketing strategies without social media platforms. Social media is the core of internet marketing and lead generation. Especially on Facebook, Facebook alone has the most significant number of users in the world.

It has more than 1.7 billion user worldwide. Twitter and Instagram also have more than 400 million users. An average person spends more than 5 hours every day watching videos and scrolling on social media.

But posting on social media regularly for our business is quite a time taking and hectic. Social media marketing requires consistency and a massive amount of content and data. That is the only way to promote our brand among the whole audience.

Hootsuite is the free digital marketing tools for small business that integrates with almost all social media platforms. We can do all things like analyzing, posting, scheduling in one place. Hootsuite provides the feature of manage all social media platforms at once in a straightforward manner.

The free version of Hootsuite include the functions of…

Immediate publishing of the post

Scheduling of post

Monitor our feeds

Comment and share post

Analytics and integration with other applications.

It’s a paid version having more advanced features, but we should start from the free version of Hootsuite. The most suitable tool for new startups and small, medium businesses. It saves time, energy, and money.

#Google suite

googlesuite, Free Digital marketing Tools

Google Suite is a cloud-based platform that provides simple tools for office use and compatible with MS Office files. It is the free and basic version of google suites which provide features such as Google Drive for storage

  1. Google docs for publishing
  2. Googlesheet for excel data
  3. Google Slides for presentation
  4. Gmail for email
  5. Google forms

We can easily share and invite collaborators to view or edit files and work simultaneously at the same time.

Google Suite is based on an internet connection. We can access upload and download across the network of google Suite. It provides up to 15 gigabytes of free storage. If we need more storage than we have to purchase or upgrade with additional fees.


Grammarly, Free Digital marketing Tools

Grammarly is one of the best free tools and very much popular among the content writers. Unless we are writing the content with no mistake of grammar, but We need a proofreader before publishing the content on the internet.

Grammarly is a free digital marketing tools for small business that helps to correct errors, spellings, and punctuations. We can also add an extension on Google Chrome to check all the mistakes we type on the internet while writing an email, publishing a letter.

We can also copy the entire content and verify their grammatical errors by pasting it on the tool.

The primary and free version of Grammarly provides the features of…

Spelling check

Punctuation marks

Basic Grammar mistake

Plagiarism check

Explanation about the grammatical mistakes.

It’s paid version provides advanced features and limitless checking option. It ensures and gives errorless documentation to our blogs, email, social media post, proposal, and content writing.

#Answer the public


We always find it challenging to get an appropriate topic for our blogging. The topic must be a combination of popular keywords and appealing to the readers. Blogs serve the essential purpose of helping our website inorganic and rank in search engines.

Which is the vital source of grabbing the traffic on our website. For getting the appropriate topic for our blogs, we use some tools which provide a suggestion.

Answer the public tool visualizes search question and provide suggested auto-complete searches through an image known as search cloud. It includes all the questions stating from W and H. sometimes; we need an exact phrase that appears in answer to the public tool.

Answer the public is a free and one of the best tool which provides the idea of searching topics related to our business on which we create the blog. It is a dynamic tool to describe for our blog topics keyboard and tags.

It works like entering the world of a word that how many questions are asked on that particular word.




While creating content, sometimes we need modulation of images, pictures, and animation. We need some infographics information to justify our content. Creating an image on Photoshop or other multimedia application is quite tricky and time-consuming.

All that we need a kind of tool that has only a drag and drop facility for infographic creation. Which can design our infographics in a creative and attractive for presentation. Canva is one of the best free tools for this kind of task.

It’s an ideal tool for the user of social media platforms, content marketing, blogging, and Advertising.

Its free version provides all the necessary features of Designing.



Slides for presentation

Import and create infographics

High-quality downloads

The paid version of Canva includes features of Presentation, Logo Designing, Banner Designing, and graphic designing. We can subscribe full version for one month free of cost. It saves our precious time and money for designing.

#Google Analytics

google analytics

When we are looking for a  free tool for Analytics for our website, there is no other option rather than Google Analytics. It is not only the free tool, but one of the best tools for analytics provides all basic and advanced features, free of cost to every client.

For instance, Google Analytics is undoubtedly the world’s most popular and recognized free web analytics service. And it is the spinal cord of marketing campaigning. The feature of tracking code makes it unique, which gives an incredible number of the matrix to the user for absolutely free of cost.

The essential elements of google analytics are…

Traffic reporting

Conversion tracking

Keyword referrals

Third-party referrals

Custom dashboards

It is designed to help us to understand how we use our website and application, So we can take action to improve our business score. Above all, There are many analytical tools in the market, like aherf and semscoop, but Google Analytics is the most trustable and useable free tool in the world.



Semrush is designed to getting our business correctly and consistently on the leading local data websites. It’s a Free digital marketing tool for small and medium enterprises or entrepreneurs looking to boost their online competitiveness in their immediate market.

The main highlight of Semrush that it shows how our business appears across the internet. We can see our business is listed correctly or not on the website.

The basic and free version of Semrush provides the features of…

Competitive analysis

Website crawls

Organic rank tracking

Keyboard value and competitiveness

Recommendation for on-page and off-page SEO

Semrush provides these features as a free tool. But if we get it in the advanced version, it will work like a lifeline of all our SEO problems. However There are other tools also such as ahref and Moz, which are more advanced then Semrush, but their basic version is not free.



As a digital marketer, we should analyze all the smallest things which can be useful for our website.  A long tail of URL is not famous amongst the audience. Sometimes we need to short the URL. If we are sending the URL link through mail or message.

Bitly is free and useful, which provides full of custom and URL shortener.

It provides services such as…

API link management

Custom URL.

Gather audience intelligence

Track individual links

Optimize our marketing efforts.

In other words, It also monitors traffic through their custom links and shows detail and accurate Analytics about the website locations and clicks. Bitly is also helpful for SEO Optimisation.

There are lots of other free digital marketing tools available in the market. But these all above free tool which are must and essential for a digital marketer. There are other tools such as

All digital marketing tools, Free Digital marketing Tools

Top Digital Marketing Tools






Google page speed insights



And many more, which are also useful for Digital marketer or small, medium enterprises. Because most of the tools are free, but for the advanced functions, you have to pay.

The free or paid tool only helps find out the position of your website. But you have to do the central part of your business is hard work and provide consistency in your services. We should always keep in mind that using the right technique and tools is still beneficial for our business.

Final verdict

In conclusion, which digital marketing tool you need and to get ahead start for your business with a digital marketing strategy. No matter what type of business you have and what goals and objectives you are looking for in your company.

Therefore All these digital marketing tools are safe, powerful, and also free for your entrepreneur. It ensures to help you bring your business to the upgrade level

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